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Daily Acts is thrilled to be rolling out a new pilot in partnership with the Jonas Family Fund called the Healthy Schools Program!

A Healthy School is one that supports students’ health and well-being, helping them build a strong foundation for learning. As children are the most vulnerable to toxic exposure it is important to provide an environment both in and out of the classroom that delivers good nutrition, physical activity, clean air and water and safe play areas. Daily Acts aims to provide schools with the solutions, tools and information to create a healthy, sustainable environment for their students to learn in.

Focus areas of the program include:

  • Advocating for policies that protect children’s health such as:
    • No Idling
    • Anti-Pesticide
    • Scent-Free
    • Waste Reduction
    • Limited WiFi Exposure
  • Educating parent and teacher groups (PTAs), school board members, administrators and health advocates on best practice solutions to create healthy, sustainable school environments.
  • Instituting sustainable landscaping practices on school campuses and increasing opportunities to conserve water, grow food, reduce waste and build community!

If you are a school administrator or teacher looking for more information, please contact nichole@dailyacts.org