If you haven’t signed up yet… what are you waiting for!?! Consider this your engraved invitation, dear daily actor!

The Challenge is your chance to tell others about your impact, “challenge” yourself to commit to doing something you’re not already doing, and join hundreds of others in our community making the commitment to “be the change

[we] wish to see in the world” (Gandhi). Participating is as easy as giving three minutes of your time – and if you signed up in years’ past, we have new actions listed that you probably haven’t committed to yet! Time and again, folks tell us they are already on their sustainability game but found several things on our list they hadn’t thought of. All those small actions have a huge impact!

The Challenge is our very own Sonoma County behavior change initiative and catalyst. As you know, changing habits and behavior takes a commitment, the support of others, and a sense of urgent importance. With the state of the environment and ecological crises we are facing, we need to transform the way we live on, and use, the Earth on a community-to-global scale. But we start small, with what we can influence. This is why we say that every choice matters.

The Challenge makes visible what every day people like you and me are doing to make our community more resilient. Last year, when 97 people registered to sheet mulch their lawns through the Community Resilience Challenge – those folks started saving over a million gallons of water in the first 12 months! Read more about how those individual actions add up in this month’s Sonoma County Gazette. Even better that getting to the goals on your individual‘to-do’ list and having a deadline to do them, the Challenge creates a sense of unity knowing you are working together with your community toward one goal: creating a more resilient world.

  • You can volunteer your time, like the employees of World Centric did on Earth Day, helping to spruce up a model public site and install plant signs. If you want to volunteer – pledge it!
  • Join us for our ‘Detoxify your Spring Cleaning’ workshop on May 11th, and receive a beautiful recipe book made by our amazing intern Jennifer!
  • For the month of May, the Daily Acts office has pledged to go zero-waste to reduce our impact. Reducing waste is an important action – and we want you to pledge to do what you can!
  • The Farmer’s Guild’s Evan Wiig is asking restaurants to plan a Fresh Farmer Feature in the month of May – a meal sourced entirely from local farms in their first five years of production to help secure their future in our food chain supply. Buying local is an important action – Evan pledged it and you can too!

Not sure what to do or need more support in achieving your goals? Come to a Conversation Café hosted by Jeff Aitkin. Hosting conversations to help folks clarify their sustainability goals is Jeff’s big project for the Challenge. He pledged it and now is offering it to you May 9 and 12 (see event listings and volunteer opportunities here)!

Get on the website today and pledge those actions from your phone, your home, your office – wherever you go – pledge to do something fun, personally enriching, and wildly audacious to make your world and everyday actions more sustainable. Now doesn’t that feel good?