On October 27th, more than 600 people gathered with us to raise vital funding and to celebrate our work at Ripple the World. It was an amazing moment for Daily Acts at this 9th annual event as we shared our successes, heard remarkable testimonials, felt encouraged by the devotion of our community, and raised a whopping $209,000 in one-time and multi-year donations!! We are deeply, deeply grateful to everyone who contributed on the day of the event and are feeling particularly blessed to have the on-going support of our new and renewed Sustainers and Stewardship Circle members. If you missed this year’s Ripple the World but would still like to support our work, we would welcome your donation. Thank you!!! YOU are the miracle!

Everything we achieve comes through community and collaboration. As Supervisor James Gore confided in the audience at Ripple the World, “I kept looking for someone to solve the problem and then I realized I AM someone!”. And as long-time Daily Actor Erin Axelrod shared with the audience: “It’s really easy to feel like you’re alone doing this work, but it’s really hard to feel alone with Daily Acts.” We are so glad YOU are OUR people, and that WE are not alone. Looking out on that sea of shining faces and prayer flags is a truly magical sight to behold, and is one that powers and sustains us throughout the whole year.

Ripple the World is not just a fundraiser, it’s a reunion and networking hub for a dedicated community balancing demands on their schedules with their genuine desire to be a part of the change they wish to see in the world by supporting our work. We couldn’t be more honored to share the morning with such an inspiring group of change makers and thought leaders.

Daily Acts would like to shout out a massive dose of GRATITUDE to our volunteers who make this (and every) event possible. We work long hours to completely transform the venue and run a tight program the day of the event in order to make the experience truly remarkable for everyone who walks through those doors. We simply couldn’t do that without our volunteers, who also make our jobs so rewarding and fun!

We would also like to thank our esteemed speakers:

Supervisor Shirlee Zane: Third District Sonoma County, Supervisor James Gore: Fourth District Sonoma County, Suzanne Mackey: Chickweed Patch, Cate Steane: Board Chair Daily Acts, and of course our very own Trathen Heckman, Daily Acts Executive Director.

A round of applause and generous THANK YOU also goes to our sponsors who help support the production of this massive fundraiser: Shelton’s Natural Foods Market, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Xandex, Inc., Whole Foods, Russian River Friendly Landscaping, Wyatt Supply, World Centric, Cagwin & Dorward Landscape, Redwood Hill Farm, Nutiva, and Equinox Landscape.

Our food and product donors whose generosity helps keep our event expenses to a minimum: Petaluma Seed Bank, Instant Jungle, Taylor Maid Farms, Emerisa Gardens, Straus Creamery, Cottage Gardens, Revive Drinks, Green Mary Zero Waste Events, Clover Stornetta, Evolution Fresh, Oliver’s Market, and Traditional Medicinals.

It truly takes a village, and we are so glad you all are part of our village. From the bottom of our heart, thank you.