Happy May Daily Actors!

We are all busy as bees making honey in the hive, implementing projects, getting gardens ready for summer, and attending all of the amazing community events being offered. While our “to-do’s” enrich our lives personally, many of them also benefit the whole community by increasing our collective resilience.  Are any of your “to-do’s” related to saving water, growing food, reducing waste, conserving energy or building community? If so, be sure to join your neighbors, friends and family by participating in the Community Resilience Challenge (the Challenge) this spring!

Charles Street Village, Earth Day 2017

Our individual actions are powerful and through campaigns like the Challenge, those actions are magnified and quantified! We collectively save an estimated 1,000,000 gallons of water every year just by individuals who sheet-mulch their lawns, install drip irrigation, and register for the Challenge. Together, we grow backyard food forests, prevent toxins from entering our watershed, and build relationships with our neighbors, co-workers and farmers. We can nurture ourselves and others while knowing that our actions have a real impact.

Petaluma Fire Station #3

Don’t know what to register for this year’s Challenge? Join a volunteer workday! Just like the folks pictured above who, on Earth Day this year, transformed the lawn at Charles Street Village. Last year, Petaluma Fire Station #3 was a Community Resilience Challenge project. With the help of our community, we sheet mulched the lawn and installed a water-wise, abundant, pollinator garden. Look at the power of that transformation one year later!

In light of the political storm we are weathering, the time is ripe to take back your power and commit to one (or all!) of the 25 suggested actions for this year’s Community Resilience Challenge. Sign up by May 31st.

Sonoma County make a stand! It is up to us to model the world we want to see. It’s a world we KNOW is possible!

Take Heart, Take Part, Take Action,

Susan & the Daily Acts Crew