Rainy Day Greetings Daily Actors,

The rains have come and we couldn’t be more grateful for every drop that sinks into the ground feeding trees, rivers, and aquifers. We can consciously choose to make a difference in the world by being part of a transformation that we know is vital and possible. We put plants in the ground for sequestering carbon, dig swales to direct storm water away from drains, and install water catchment to alleviate our thirsty summers. The solutions are many, and Daily Acts is right here to help our community achieve these goals.

But we need your support! Your time, money and love, generously given, are what make our work possible. As 2018 comes to a close, please make your tax-deductible donation to Daily Acts. We need you now more than ever – help us grow these vital solutions in 2019! Thank you for being part of our Daily Acts Family.

The Healing Garden Installation at Veteran’s Village is postponed to December 15th & 16th. Everyone involved in this project has been working diligently to ensure that residents will have a place to call their own by Christmas. However, rainy weather has caused site preparation delays. We are so incredibly grateful that over 100 people signed up to build a healing garden for those who have given so much—thank you! If you are unable to attend the new date, please email us at moreinfo@dailyacts.org to cancel. Together, we can build regenerative gardens that will benefit generations to come!