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Take Heart, Take Part, Take Action

Dear Daily Actor, In this big post-election moment, so full of shock, grief, and fear, it’s important to first take a breath and to take heart. Since the election lots of daily actors have been in our office volunteering, like many of us, needing to connect and do good, craving the sense of sanctuary this [...]

Take Heart, Take Part, Take Action2016-12-06T17:48:04-08:00

Got Resilience? Get Some Here!

Happy Fall Daily Actors, Yes, it’s true – the abundance of fall is upon us. As is the fourth installment of our series on Reverence, Ripples, Relationships and Resilience. So what’s up with all this talk of resilience? In the words of Davis Orr, “Sustainability, in short, must be the domestic and strategic imperative for [...]

Got Resilience? Get Some Here!2016-12-06T17:48:04-08:00

Deepen Relationships with Ripples of Reverance

Happy September Daily Actors! The abundance of fall is nearly upon us, and as we continue our four-part series from Reverence to Ripples, to the word for this month is REALationships. Relations are the stuff that makes life go round. Lucky for you, starting tonight, we have great gads of ways to enrich and transform [...]

Deepen Relationships with Ripples of Reverance2016-12-06T17:48:04-08:00

Reclaiming the Power of your Ripples

Happy August Daily Actors! In July we kicked off our four-part, four-month theme by Rekindling Our Sense of Reverence. This month, it’s all about reclaiming the power of our ripples, or the effect that our actions and attitudes have on our communities, our world and us. And who couldn’t use a bit more inspiration, empowerment [...]

Reclaiming the Power of your Ripples2016-12-06T17:48:04-08:00

Rekindling Our Sense of Reverence

Happy July Daily Actors! Are you feeling the summertime vibes or what? Halfway through the year, now is a perfect time to pause, soak in life and reflect. To provide some fodder for your reflections, we’re kicking off a four-part theme for the next four months leading into Ripple the World on Oct 27th – [...]

Rekindling Our Sense of Reverence2016-09-02T11:55:48-08:00

Beware! Falling Food, Fecundity, Inspiration Galore!

Happy May inspired daily actors, Great gads of garden pesto! Can you believe we are already four months into the year? That means it’s time for our big month of action for the Community Resilience Challenge? So register today and share the call to action! Last Wednesday, I sat in the garden for my morning practice [...]

Beware! Falling Food, Fecundity, Inspiration Galore!2016-12-06T17:48:05-08:00

Practicing Weed Therapy in Garden and Life

Good day amazing daily actors! With nature’s verdant emergence spring blossoms are popping and there’s a spirit of newness in the air. Our schedule is also popping with a wide and tasty array of events and activities, so join us to get inspired, get skilled and get connected! Lessons from the garden on transforming annoyance [...]

Practicing Weed Therapy in Garden and Life2016-12-06T17:48:05-08:00

3 Simple Goals For Happier Lives and a Better World

I absolutely love this time of year. Reflecting and giving gratitude for the highlights and fueled by a new year and season’s emergence, recommitting to be the change, living each moment more richly while making my best contribution to the healthy, just, resilient world being born. From the Daily Acts lens this involves setting goals [...]

3 Simple Goals For Happier Lives and a Better World2016-12-06T17:48:05-08:00

A Vital Lesson from Fall’s Leaves

Happy December Daily Actors! We are filled with gratitude for you and hope that you are feeling grateful, rested and ready for action. To close our most impactful year yet of inspiring positive action, we hope you will do TWO things. Join us for our Rainwater Harvesting Talk, upcoming workshops and our Holiday Happy Hour [...]

A Vital Lesson from Fall’s Leaves2016-12-06T17:48:07-08:00
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