Marie Kneemeyer
Marie KneemeyerDevelopment and Communications Coodinator
Marie is a multi-tasker master and Jane of all trades. Born and raised in the hills of El Dorado County, she was never in short supply of outdoor adventures, subjects to learn or things to be created. Growing up, she always faced a dilemma of choosing between her two passions: the environment and art. Nevertheless, armed with an open mind and a creative eye she went on to earn her BFA in Graphic Arts and minor in Art History from Dominican University of CA. Using her skills she became a Freelance Graphic Artist but found herself craving a more eco-minded direction. Soon the stars aligned and led her to Daily Acts where she loves getting her hands dirty in the various programs, organizing, activating her creativity for any of the Daily Actor’s needs, and still designing on the side. Come visit us at our office and she will greet you with a great big smile.