Windsor Resilient Homes Tour


On Saturday, May 4th 2019 from 10am to 1pm, Daily Acts partnered with the Town of Windsor and Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership’s Eco Friendly Garden Tour to host an inspirational and educational guided tour of Resilient Homes and Demonstration Gardens throughout Windsor. Program's Coordinator, Liz Platte-Bermeo, led participants through three inspirational gardens that highlight different [...]

Homes for Sonoma Landscape Installation


After the October Wildfires in 2017, members of Homes for Sonoma, a volunteer-led coalition of community nonprofits, businesses and individuals, came together to create and collaborate around housing opportunities for five fire victims. Daily Acts was eager to support the landscaping side fo this project, in order to draw plants from local nurseries that [...]

Old Vineyard Windsor Park


Daily Acts partnered with the Town of Windsor in the Fall of 2018, in order to transform an under utilized lawn,  into a demonstration garden. This garden was designed by Foresite Mapping Inc. and Permaculture Artisan's, Sebastian Bertsch, who put created the cross-section level spillway swale design, leveled and excavated by Anchordoguy Landscaping Inc. These [...]

Windsor Rain Barrel Installation Workshop


Daily Acts partnered with the Town of Windsor, BlueBarrels Rainwater Catchment Systems, and the Windsor Garden Club to host a successful public workshop on rainwater harvesting at the Windsor Community Garden. Kellen Watson of Daily Acts shared a short presentation, which provided an overview of reasons to collect rainwater, stormwater solutions, and catchment system options. [...]

Rain Tank Installation at Cali Calmecac


Beginning in the fall of 2015, Daily Acts fostered and led a productive partnership between the Town of Windsor, Windsor Rotary Club, Engineers Without Borders (EWB), and the Windsor Unified School District with the goal of designing and installing a rainwater harvesting system for the Cali Calmécac Language Academy school garden, located at 9491 Starr [...]

Foothills of Windsor Water-Wise Demonstration Garden – Phase 1


With historic drought gripping the state, the old norm of lush green lawns is becoming simply unsustainable. Together, with the Foothills of Windsor Homeowners Association and the Town of Windsor, we created a new normal in suburban landscapes, starting with the transformation of 7,500 ft2 of water-thirsty lawn into a water-wise, edible, and habitat-providing demonstration garden. [...]