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Calling all Homesteaders!

What is a Resilient Home? Daily Acts’ vision of a Resilient Home is a water saving, energy conserving, waste reducing, food producing, pollution preventing, health giving, and regenerative sanctuary for its inhabitants. A resilient home nourishes self, family, community, and nature and comes in all shapes and sizes whether you rent or own, are living in an apartment, mobile home or a single-family home. Do you have a Resilient Home or are you in the process of creating one? Then we hope you will join us for a gathering to learn more about this exciting new program, share successes from your own experiences and discuss opportunities on how we can expand our models and build more resilience in our county.

Daily Acts has been planning the launch of a more formal network of model homesteads – a way to connect, promote, engage with and be inspired by each other and all of the amazing work happening in our county at the home scale. This is an important part of a larger network of homes, community hubs and leaders. The overarching goal of the network is to accelerate the education, engagement and empowerment of our neighborhoods by highlighting and connecting what is already working in order to grow more of it. Our home sites play an important role in the expansion of this network through modeling what is possible for our neighbors and providing the opportunity for skills and resource sharing.

If you are interested in learning more about this emerging program, participating on a steering committee level, or would like to qualify your site as a Resilient Home, then please reach out to:

Benefits of Participation – all Resilient Homes will have access to resources for engagement and promotion.

  • Quarterly gatherings with other Resilient Homes – skill shares, expert forums and community networking
  • Resources & How-to-kits
  • Some sites featured in website profiles – extra recognition
  • Lawn signs depicting home features to educate the public
  • Trainings on how to host, present & engage neighbors and community

Resilient Home Site Criteria – Program members should be meeting at least one of these criteria with room for more:

  • Modeling sustainability features at site – home and garden depicted by signage, web content or case study
  • Engagement with Resilient Network activities – showing up to Daily Acts programs (at least 3/year)
  • Educate local communities of site features – offer to host a tour, teach a workshop or support otherwise