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Daily Acts is excited to launch a new fee-for-service arm of the non-profit, called Sustainability Services!

This program may be a great option if you’re ready to grow your personal garden paradise but need help with planning, designing, and making it happen. We are now available for hire to provide consultation, design, and DIY installation support services for residences, businesses, and schools.

Our goal is to help you create a verdant, abundant landscape that is water-wise, multi-functional, and gorgeous! We focus on drought-tolerant plants that are edible, medicinal, and habitat-providing. Rainwater harvesting and graywater reuse systems can also be incorporated into designs to reduce long-term costs and make your landscape even more eco-groovy.

We are happy to work with folks who want to DIY part of the project for learning and cost effectiveness. We can help you clarify your vision and choose and place plants and other features, as well as provide you with technical assistance during installation.

See tabs below for a full menu of our services and to schedule a consultation:

We’ll visit to give you ideas and advice for transforming your yard and/or siting graywater, rainwater storage, rain gardens, fruit trees, and other sustainability features. An important first step before other services, or a helpful standalone service if you just need a bit of guidance. One hour of your initial consultation fee will be refunded if you choose to do additional work with us. *

  • Minimum 1 hour, Max 3 hours
*Mileage from Petaluma in excess of 30 miles round trip will be charged to customer at federal mileage rate.

Want to be a rockin’ homestead but don’t know what plants and features to put where? Let us design a low-maintenance, low-water-use edible and habitat providing garden for you! We can also include designs for rain barrels, swales, and rain gardens plus Laundry-to-Landscape graywater systems.

Full Detail Designs are hand-drafted, beautiful representations of each plant in your planting plan. They can be easily interpreted by installers, and are a clear way to visualize your future garden. Includes photographic plant palette.

  • Average number of hours for completed design: 12 – 18 depending on size and complexity of project

Simple Sketches are a cost-effective option if there is less of a need for a beautiful visual representation of your new garden. These drawings are to scale and have enough detail to allow us to source and place plants, but are not designed to be interpreted by homeowners or contractors. They are best paired with Installation Support.

  • Average number of hours for completed sketch: 5 – 10 depending on size and complexity of project

Irrigation Plan Add-On gives you a clear layout of where the main lines should go, water needs for each plant species, and a detailed parts list

  • Average number of hours for irrigation plan and parts list: 1-2

Do you need hands-on help to get this landscape project growin’? If you are willing to get your hands dirty but need extra support to get the job done, this is a cost effective option. We can provide the following support:

  • Wholesale Plant Sourcing
  • Placing plants according to our drawings
  • Training you on planting techniques
  • Working alongside you to install rain barrels, a Laundry-to-Landscape greywater system, or drip irrigation
  • Text, email, in-person, and phone coaching as you implement your project

Rates for all services are $50/hour. You can feel good knowing that your fees are helping a great, local non-profit grow their impact and fund community-enriching projects.