Learn from others: Local Sonoma County chef, Steve Rose, has owned and operated Sonoma County-based Vineyards Inn for 35 years and the restaurant composts 100% of its food waste through an on-site in-vessel Earth Tub composting system. Another model for commercial-scale composting is the vermicomposting system at Sonoma Valley Worm farm, which Steve explores on his program, The Organic Rose.

We’d love to learn how other great local businesses are composting their organics. Please share your stories with us at thechallenge@dailyacts.org.

Install a compost system: Alamada County-based public agency Stop Waste has developed a great resource guide, How to Compost at Work, which takes businesses through a step-by-step process of auditing their waste, choosing a system, identifying a coordinator, creating a maintenance plan, and troubleshooting.

Inspire composting actions & engagement: The Community Resilience Challenge team would love to work with businesses to help customize your Challenge actions around composting! Contact us at thechallenge@dailyacts.org