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About Daily Acts

Daily Acts’ mission is to transform our communities through inspired action and education, which builds leadership and local self-reliance. To affect systemic change, we begin with the most accessible whole system, at home and in our gardens, with our actions. Our programs create empowering solutions that regenerate nature and unleash community genius, spreading the skills, models and policies to significantly reduce resource use and catalyze local self-reliance.

By growing skilled, engaged people and networks and creating replicable models, we are taking homegrown solutions to scale. Through tours, workshops, events and community mobilizations, we teach people how to conserve water, reuse graywater, reduce waste, grow food and to tend chickens, bees, and community. This supports sustainability leaders and models, while empowering people to transform their lives, homes and neighborhoods. By working in partnership with municipalities and alliances on water conservation and sustainable agriculture, we provide educational programs, create model landscapes and influence innovative policies for greywater, turf reduction, stormwater runoff and rainwater catchment.

To learn more about Daily Acts, please visit our website at www.dailyacts.org

We are currently not hiring at the moment, please check in the future for updated positions at Daily Acts.