Project Description

In Fall of 2019, Daily Acts partnered with the City of Petaluma and the Sonoma County Library to host a 3-part workshop series designed to offer all the skills needed to design and install your dream garden. We started with a workshop focusing on designing a base map. Creating a base map involves observing your site and mapping what already exists such as concrete pathways, trees and other plants, and infrastructure such as utility boxes. This process also involves observation of sun patterns and water movement across the property.

From there, we offered a presentation on garden design combined with time for participants to practice concepts. Participants brought their base maps and were ready to start getting their ideas onto paper!

The final workshop focused on site preparation, how to plant, concepts to consider for installing the irrigation system, and where to source plants and other materials. The goal was to give participants all the information they needed to take advantage of the City of Petaluma’s Mulch Madness program to receive free resources to transform their lawn into a water-wise habitat landscape. We are proud to report that one of our workshop participants has already embarked on the transformation process!