Project Description

California’s extreme and lasting drought demands innovative and lasting solutions. On Earth Day 2014, Daily Acts partnered with the City of Petaluma to host a Sheet Mulching Workshop that converted roughly 8,000 square feet of water-thirsty lawn at Clear Blue Commercial in Redwood Business Park into a water-wise, mulched landscape. With help from the City of Petaluma’s Mulch Madness program, Daily Acts brought the community together to successfully reduce the water consumption of Redwood Business Park by approximately 100,000 gallons per year!

Daily Acts put out a call to action, and the community answered! Volunteers representing Amy’s Kitchen, World Centric, and Clear Blue Commercial as well as members of the general public came together to get hands-on education about the impact of the drought and how to make a difference. Sheet mulching, the process of non-invasive lawn replacement, both reduces water consumption and prevents stormwater pollution from chemicals used in lawn maintenance. With the guidance of Daily Acts staff, these wonderful volunteers were taught appropriate sheet mulching techniques and how to effectively work together to be a part of the solution.