Project Description

On Saturday, September 7th 2019, Daily Acts partnered with the City of Petaluma to host a drip-irrigation installation at Live Oak Charter School.

A presentation was given at the beginning of the workshop, which covered irrigation theory topics including how to estimate a landscape water budget and how to properly schedule an irrigation timer. During the presentation, participants learned about how both of these concepts influence the water requirements of a plant, and received a copy of the presentation so that they could use these practices at home. Participants were also given resources about the City of Petaluma’s Mulch Madness program, which can potentially offer them free irrigation conversion kits in addition to materials to sheet mulch their lawns.

After the presentation, participants installed a drip-irrigation system from valve to emitter at the Live Oak Charter School garden. Participants were able to see first-hand the problem-solving required when installing a new irrigation system, and were able to talk through different low-tech solutions to each of these issues. By the end of the installation, several participants claimed that they felt they had the confidence and ability to install drip irrigation or work on their existing irrigation systems at home.