Project Description

On Friday, May 3rd, Daily Acts led a stewardship day at the Petaluma Library Landscape for B Corp volunteers. The goal of this workday was to educate people about how to perform ongoing landscape maintenance needs including fixing irrigation leaks, applying more mulch, and infill planting. During this 2 hour workday, Daily Acts staff discussed the processes that went into completing this installation; design and planning, excavation and rain gardens, sheet mulching, planting, and irrigation.

The large group was split into two small groups to allow for a more intimate conversation on drip irrigation and plant selection. Following irrigation repair and planting, volunteers worked diligently to spread 5 yards of mulch and pull weeds. City rebates were discussed in great detail during this program in order to support participants’ interests and desires to create water-wise landscapes.  Through hands-on engagement, volunteers were able to gain confidence on basic maintenance skills.