Project Description

In September 2014, Daily Acts commenced a partnership with the City of Sebastopol and Permaculture Artisans to transform the landscape at Sebastopol City Hall & Library, and create Our Front Yard: Sebastopol Living History Garden. The landscape design, produced by Erik Olsen of Permaculture Artisans, tells the history of Sebastopol in four distinct areas: indigenous plants, food crops, a Luther Burbank-inspired section, and contemporary plantings which focus on water conservation. Through a series of educational and community workshops, Daily Acts has supported the community to transform this landscape in a model of sustainability in the heart of Sebastopol.


Throughout the landscape transformation, community participation has been the driving force behind this beautiful model site. Volunteers of all ages have received hands-on education about the benefits of sheet mulching as an alternative to chemical weed suppression and a means to transition turf to topsoil, as well as proper techniques for fruit tree planting. Daily Acts has heard from many community members that they now feel a sense of ownership of the garden and look forward to continue to steward the site as it grows and flourishes over the years.