Project Description

The Sebastopol Grange is an incredible community asset, home to many of our region’s most dedicated people and cherished gatherings. Daily Acts and the Village Building Convergence supported the community landscape transformation into a low-maintenance pollinator garden located in front of the building and at the road frontage of Sebastopol Grange Hall #306.

The goal was to convert approximately 2,500 ft2 of weedy, featureless landscaping at this local hub into landscaping that is more like the Grange community itself…thoughtful, productive, purposeful, and a source of pride. Key design considerations are year-round aesthetics, drought tolerance, and the creation of valuable pollinator and bird habitat.

With roughly 80 volunteers, the transformation brought volunteers together to create the lush, water-wise landscapes at the Sebastopol Grange, followed by a celebration barbecue by the Village Building Convergence!