Project Description

In partnership with SOMO Village, Daily Acts teamed up with Credo High students between May 15th-19th, during their service-learning week to transform over 20,000 sq. ft of under-utilized lawn space into an edible, sheet mulched landscape. Additionally, local food and farm project called Farmster, donated grafted apple trees to the cause, which provide environment and social benefits in the long run. SOMO Village is a 200-acre development located in the City of Rohnert Park – creating a social, economic and environmentally strong and different community, through the One Plant Community framework. The planting was inspired by permaculture food forests  throughout the world, where the small clusters of canopies will grow, in order to provide shade, shelter, and sustenance in the years to come. By demonstrating the value of sheet mulching to the Credo High students, we hope to have inspired them to continue supporting SOMO Village in future lawn transformations in the future!