Project Description

On Saturday, September 28th, Daily Acts worked with a Sonoma County Adult Education class from the Santa Rosa Junior College to lead a hard-line irrigation installation workshop in Spanish. This workshop took place one week prior to the Coffey Park Front Yard Landscape Installation, as not only a hands-on learning opportunity for students, but as a way to prep each of the four front-yard sites for the installation the following weekend. The adult education class, taught by Justin Seeley, assembled a separate valve manifold for each of the four front yard sites, and then helped install the hard-line irrigation at one of the homes. The students were able to gain hands-on experience installing hard-line irrigation from scratch, including the real-time problem solving that is required to successfully install these systems.

We are so grateful for their enthusiasm and hard work in helping us prep the sites for the Coffey Park Front Yard Landscape Installation!