Announcing the Sonoma Climate Challenge Summer Sprint – July 30 to September 8! 

We are excited to announce our Summer Sprint for the Sonoma Climate Challenge! Take Climate Action for our future and earn points for your Team.  Teams who earn the most points over this 6-week period from July 30 to September 8 will win fabulous prizes.

How do you earn points? By taking Climate Action! You can earn points (and save money, water, electricity, sequester carbon and/or decrease your carbon footprint) by:

  • Biking/Walking to Work
  • Replacing your Lawn
  • Carpooling
  • Composting and Recycling
  • Getting a Home Energy Checkup
  • Talking to your Elected Officials
  • Hosting a House Party and talking about Climate Solutions with friends!
  • …or pick from the 67 Climate Actions available!

How do I participate?!

1. Register your household on the website:

2. Form or join a Team or Community Group with friends to collaborate on this Challenge. This should be among people you already interact with regularly, for example coworkers, neighbors, sports teams, interest groups, churches, or schools. (Teams have a maximum of 10 people and require approval to join while Community Groups are unlimited and open for anyone to join.)

3. Create your energy profile – like stepping on a scale, this gives you a baseline to see how much carbon weight you’ve lost through your climate actions.

4. Take an action to make an impact! Select from 67 actions across energy, transportation, water, food and waste, and community. When you complete an action, you get points and your  Team and/or Community Group moves up the Leaderboard!

5. BONUS! Host a House party with your Team to talk about how you can collectively take climate action. Talking about solutions is a great first action to take.

We are happy to give a presentation to your Team or Community Group on how to engage with the Challenge. If you would like us to present at  your next gathering we’d be happy to help! Email or for more information.

We believe in a climate resilient future with healthy, safe and thriving neighborhoods for all in Sonoma County. And we need YOUR help to make this a reality. In the face of urgent climate and biodiversity loss reports, more devastating extreme weather and watching the collapse of populations of trees, butterflies and countless other species, how can we find hope and a meaningful response?

We take heart and take action. We highlight and celebrate what’s working and we inspire and organize to grow more of it.

The Community Resilience Challenge becomes the Sonoma Climate Challenge

Ten years ago, Sonoma County came together for the 350 Garden Challenge to plant and revitalize a whopping 628 gardens to grow food, save water, build community and address the climate crisis. A decade later through the annual Community Resilience Challenge, we have registered over 80,000 actions and projects, over 200 times the previously “scary to mention” goal! THIS is the power of community and what we must tap into as we set an even more critical and transformative goal to radically reduce our emissions and build climate resilience.

Scientists tell us this is the most critical decade humanity has ever faced. So for the 10th anniversary of the Challenge, Daily Acts is partnering with the Regional Climate Protection Authority(RCPA) to launch the Sonoma Climate Challenge.

The Sonoma Climate Challenge is about rising up in this historic moment and coming together to take action towards the shared goal of richer, more resilient and sustainable lives and communities. This is about building a movement much larger than ourselves to create a safer and healthier future for all.

Our goal for the Sonoma Climate Challenge is to have 500 households participate to collectively reduce our emissions by 500 tons of CO2 by 2020. This would be the equivalent of 588 acres of forests capturing and storing carbon over one year.

Over 40% of greenhouse gas emissions come from actions at the household level. Which means WE have the power to have a big impact!

We need to collectively step up to this challenge for the health and safety of the world that today’s children will inherit. We are confident that with your help, our community will step up to this challenge and be a model of clean energy and low carbon living.

What can you do to make a difference? Sign up to explore the wealth of actions you can take today! By signing up, you’ll gain access to cost saving resources, supportive tools and the inspiration to empower your daily actions. Together, our small actions can have a HUGE collective impact.

Our individual actions may feel small or insignificant but when we see them move us towards this shared goal alongside thousands of other actions it shows how powerful this movement is.

What the world needs now is people who have come alive. More than ever, Daily Acts and our community need YOU!