Growing an inspired, empowered and boundless base of supporters is our best way to grow the world of our dreams!

For us to take on the work that so crucially needs to be done like transforming city lawns to food forests and increasing our community resilience, we need your support. There are so many ways in which you can participate in and support our vital work!

  • Make a donation! YOU are at the foundation of our success, growing with Daily Acts every step of the way.  Consider becoming a member of Daily Acts today.
  • Sustainers are donors who help us plan for the future with a monthly commitment.
  • Become a member of the Stewardship Circle. Stewards are a special group of committed donors who have invested in the sustainability of Daily Acts with significant long term financial commitments.
  • Foundation funders, business sponsors and community partners have provided us the strong financial backing and rich community in which to grow our programs and take our models to the next level.
  • Our volunteers and interns are the grease to our wheels!  Dedicating thousands of hours to our workdays, installations, events and more!  We always have an exciting opportunity to share.
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It …

Daily Acts is the organization I have dreamed of, resonating with my most deeply held values. I love being part of this community, and knowing that the time and money I donate is having such an incredible impact.
Jacqui McGrath
You inspire me; I grew up in Petaluma and it is gratifying to see the level of consciousness that has evolved in my hometown. I look forward to learning more and sharing with friends about your message and work. Thank you!
Mary H.
I wanted to reach out and share with you what an amazing job your staff did with the lawn conversion. They are knowledgeable, passionate and made the task so much fun. You’ve got a great team!
Lilly H.
Yesterday an amazing action took place at a commercial property in Petaluma. A turf conversion project transformed an unsustainable lawn area into beautiful brown mulch magnificence.
David R.
This work is ridiculously rewarding
David D.
This program has really motivated me to invest in my future and think about natural resources. Its a whole new appreciation of life.
Michael S.
I feel like I’m giving back to the community that I grew up in, that raised me. There’s been so much damage, destruction, and waste of water. It’s time to acknowledge it, repair it.
I am blessed to have this food forest park in my neighborhood. It took my propagation, pruning and grafting skills to a new level, as well as surrounded me in a community of enthusiastic and “like-minded” peeps.
Ellen B.
What an absolutely terrific workshop and event! Thank you soo much! I drove away with a flat of plant starts, a whizzing brain and most of all an ear to ear grin.
Erin W.
You all are one of the most dedicated, tenacious, patient group of people I’ve ever known, who make me laugh and think and remind me how all those same qualities in me serve an important purpose.
Melanie N.
This past year or so has offered me the chance to make connections in my community that I really longed for, meet fabulous, dedicated people such as yourselves, all while doing the things I love. What more could any person ask for?
Judy M.
Loved it—literally life changing!
William W.
I would say personally it was one of my favorite things I have ever been involved in. Also in terms of what the world needs to heal, the info presented here offers the most rational and intuitively proactive response possible.
Matt G.
I’m not sure what I was expecting—but the course opened my eyes to what could be. I will never look at the land the same way again—I have a new toolbox to see and engage with the world.
Richard P.
Last year, as a part of the Community Resilience Challenge, I sheet mulched all my beds thinking it wouldn’t make that much difference. Boy was I wrong! I am tremendously impressed by this method, and there are no weeds growing in my bed where I sheet-mulched.
Anne J. CRC participant, 2015

Stewardship Circle

Our Stewardship Circle is a group of dedicated donors who are committed to the ongoing success of our organization. They have made a 5-year pledge to donate a minimum of $1,000.00 per year to support our mission and vision.

Being a part of this group is more than giving money. We invite you to participate in our Stewardship Circle Sundays where we gather in the afternoon to eat, drink and get to know one another.

“Being a part of the Stewardship Circle means far more to me than how much money I donate or acquiring the cred to join a club. It’s about honoring the common good and being a part of a community that recognizes the full worth of what each person has to offer, then celebrating their ideas into actions that make the world a better place, one day at a time.” ~ Terry Church

And we invite you to gather in the summer for our evening Soiree where we nourish and appreciate you with an abundance of local bounty.

Yes, there is a theme here at Daily Acts. It’s called sustainable hedonism. Won’t you join us? At $84.00 per month, it is money well spent.

Other Ways To Engage

We are immensely grateful for your financial support AND don’t forget there are other ways you can help us continue to do more with less. Volunteers are at the core of what we do and we are always adding things to our “wishlist”. Also take a minute to like us on Facebook.


Do you have a special skill or talent you’d like to share? Looking to become more involved at Daily Acts? We are always looking for inspired community members to assist in a variety of capacities! We would LUV your help! We have heaps of volunteer opportunities available ranging from publicity and fund raising to website and spreadsheet care to tabling and spreading the groove…. check out our current opportunities below! To become a volunteer email

Program & Event Volunteers
Event volunteers support our program events and fundrasiers and responsibilities vary depending on the event for which you volunteer. From welcoming participants and digging in the dirt to making centerpieces and hanging prayer flags for Ripple the World, there is much to be done! Volunteers are welcome at events free of charge.

Photo/Video Volunteer
Are you an aspiring film maker or photographer looking for a project that will never bore you? We need photo/video volunteers to help us document the amazing works afoot at Daily Acts events and workdays. Mentorship potential with a local professional documentary film maker, makes this a great opportunity for a rising local film maker or photographer to capture the transformation to share!

Administrative Support
Daily Acts relies on the dedication of our on-going administrative volunteers! Our office volunteers provide a variety of support from helping us with follow up and outreach to getting us organized. We have both on going and one time opportunities available through out the year.

Below are some items Daily Acts sure could use to make our work easier. If you think you may be able to help us out, contact or call our office at (707) 789-9664. All donations are tax-deductible.

  • Computers! We desperately need laptops or desktops (with monitors) in good working order. Must have Windows XP/MAC OS X or newer operating system. We are specifically looking for a Mac laptop for our Executive Director!!
  • Two-wheeled dolly or hand truck
  • An energy-star refrigerator in good working order
  • Wall-mounted shelves for storage
  • Industrial, stand-alone shelving units
  • Curtain rod for 8′ windows
  • Insulative ceiling to floor curtains (earth tone would be ideal)

We Are Making An Impact!

Your support makes all the difference. These are just a few of the many projects we have been involved in over the years thanks to YOU!