We are passionate about spreading solutions and models that provide the skills, tools, and resources to conserve natural resources while growing food, medicine, habitat, and community. We offer our low-cost, low-tech, people-powered solutions through our talks, tours, and workshops that allow for opportunities to take part in hands-on learning. Our hope is that participants take what they learn from our programs, and replicate it in their own homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

Programs Run
Demonstration Gardens Planted

Conservation and Stormwater

We are proud to work with the City of Petaluma, the Town of Windsor and the City of Cotati to provide engaging and relevant water conservation and stormwater education through our programs. Program offerings often include topics around lawn conversions, graywater, rainwater harvesting, and water-wise plants. We also provide resources around local water rebates to help participants implement what they learn at our programs!

Why Transform?

Here in California, we’re no strangers to drought, so we’re familiar with doing our part to conserve water resources and protect what we love! To do that effectively, it helps to how and where we use water. Does it surprise you that the average home in California uses more water outside than inside? Outdoor applications account for a whopping 47% of residential wat