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Inspiring, educating, and connecting leaders to model and create a just, equitable and resilient future.

The Legacy of Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy

Given the incredible confluence of crises we face, we need more and not less leadership in this big planetary moment. So when the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy approached Daily Acts with news that the Institute would close its doors, we knew we couldn’t just let this incredible organization, that for 17 years trained and grew a network of over 500 change making Fellows, go away.

Several of Daily Acts Board and Staff, including our founder Trathen Heckman are Leadership Fellows and have been greatly enriched by the Institute and it’s Fellows Network. This is why in the Fall of 2017 as the Leadership Institute officially closed its doors, its programs, resources and stewardship of the Fellows Network became a part of Daily Acts.

Daily Acts: Transforming People and Places

With over 16 years of empowering engaged people and sustainability leaders through collaborative programs, Daily Acts is excited to add the Leadership Institute into our programming as a natural next step in growing and further empowering this vibrant network of change makers.

The Daily Acts Leadership Institute

Designed to incorporate the core principles of the Leadership Institute foundation into the need for dynamic and emerging leadership frameworks, participants in the Daily Acts Leadership Institute will dramatically shift their capacity to lead and promote systems change from self into home, neighborhood, organization, community and beyond.

Through project based learning, participants tackle real world problems and how to respond within the growing challenges of our increasingly interdependent world. Cohorts wade into the complexity of cross-sectional solutions that address equity, economy and the environment, and practice how to become greater forces for good in how we live, lead and unleash the genius of communities through a shared leadership approach.

Coming this Fall…

This dynamic program for local leaders is designed to offer skills and tools to step into your personal power as a leader, to enhance your abilities to lead diverse groups effectively, to model living sustainably and apply resilience thinking, and to drive change through civic engagement.  Fellows come from diverse backgrounds, work experiences, and ages and all share a passion to address the most pressing issues of our day.

Over the course of this cohort based program, participants are exposed to inspirational thought leaders who model a regenerative, whole systems approach to creating a just, equitable and resilient future. Graduates join diverse and engaged member network of over 500 Leadership Fellows and gain access to seasonal networking events, classes and more.

As we prepare for the launch of this program in the fall, we continue to listen closely to our network of Fellows, cross-sector change makers and what is being called forth from us. How do you wish to live, lead and inspire change?

If you are interested in joining our Fall Cohort, or want to be involved in the launch of this program, please email kerry@dailyacts.org