Project Description

On Saturday, June 8th 2019, Daily Acts partnered with the City of Petaluma for a hands-on graywater installation workshop for Petaluma residents, Chris and Debbie Fox. The workshop began with Daily Acts’ Coordinators, Liz and Chris, who led a presentation that gave an overview of what graywater is, code requirements, details of a laundry-to-landscape system, water saving and distribution calculations, and a brief overview of shower graywater systems and permitting tips. During the presentation we calculated that this installation will help save the Fox’s about 3,900 gallons of water annually! Following the presentation, participants toured the home and got an overview of how the work would be distributed throughout the day.

Participants split into two groups: one group stayed indoors while the other headed outside. Indoor volunteers helped cut and dry fit PVC. They also placed where the three way brass valve and exiting PVC would be located. While folks were indoors, outdoor volunteers worked diligently to dig mulch basins to hold the incoming graywater. They also dug holes for fruit trees, the future recipients of the new water. As expected, there were a few hiccups that our team and amazing volunteers navigated and solved. Obstacles included needing to quickly rent a machine to drill through the concrete and aluminum siding of the home and needing to soak the apple tree root balls in water to relieve their bound roots.

By 1:30pm the job was complete! Volunteers and staff gathered under the shade on the patio to enjoy a potluck lunch and connect. Tasty treats were brought by all, and refreshing beverages were provided. After lunch everyone gathered to run a spin cycle on the washing machine and test the system. As water sporadically flowed through the tubes, volunteers adjusted the ball valves accordingly so that each basin was receiving an even flow. A group photo was taken to document this incredibly successful event, and participants received follow up resources. We look forward to supporting our next graywater installation!