Project Description

On September 22nd 2019, Daily Acts partnered with the City of Petaluma to host a seasonal Harvest Party. Located at a beautiful Petaluma residence, about 25 people gathered to celebrate the shifting of the seasons with a delicious regeneratively raised and locally sourced meal. Participants learned about how to build ecological and community resilience through our Resilient Homes Program, which is a community-based approach to help transform our homes, neighborhoods, and communities into vibrant, regenerative places.

The dinner featured a whole regeneratively raised lamb and vegetables that were cooked over an open fire. Other features of the party included a cider talk with a pro paired with a cider tasting and comparison, an apple pressing station to turn apples into juice and cider, a fermentation demonstration, a foot-powered lathe for a wooden bowl-turning demonstration, and a tour of the beautiful Petaluma property that had resilient and ecological features.

We are grateful to all who came out to celebrate, feast, meet neighbors, and develop skills and connections to help build resilience in an uncertain future.