Project Description

On Saturday, July 20th 2019, Daily Acts partnered with the Town of Windsor to host an Insect Investigation at Robbins Park with local entomologist Kandis Gilmore! Kandis, who has a Master’s of Science focused in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Sonoma State University, was brought in by Daily Acts to describe the connection between diversified water-wise landscapes and the types of insects you can find in each landscape type.

Geared for families and children, Kandis led the group through Robbins Park model site to quietly observe what sorts of insects they could see. Afterwards, the children were given nets and specimen jars so that they could catch and release different insects! Three different landscape types were observed during the investigation: a lawn, the Robbins Park water-wise model site garden, and a nearby oak woodland. The families were excited to discover the difference in insect diversity between all three sites, and to see what types of pollinators they could attract to their own gardens with certain plantings!