The immense power of your ripples

Happy Summer daily actors! Amidst a bounty of ripening fruit from water-wise and greywater-fed gardens, we are enjoying both the sweet taste of summer and the incredible success of another Community Resilience Challenge with over 20,000 local, regional and national actions, projects and pledges. In short, you rock and the ripples from our shared actions [...]

Homegrown, low-tech and people-powered solutions

Great gads of inspired action! With just four days to go until we wrap up the Community Resilience Challenge for another year, we have over 6,500 actions and projects registered and are less than 500 actions away from hitting our goal, which we KNOW we will do with you registering actions and spreading the word. [...]

Love Local Compost? Take Action Today!

Possibly the most important resilience-building action you could take RIGHT NOW is to support keeping our compost local.  Since many sustainability solutions are multi-beneficial, you can register this as one of your actions for the Challenge. Just click “Other” in any of the five action categories, since this supports ALL FIVE aspects of resilience-building. Even [...]

A Deluge of Awareness, Concern and Opportunity

Hello Daily Actors! Are you ready to rise to the Challenge or what? This severe drought has brought a deluge of awareness, concern and opportunity. Now we need YOU to take action and amplify your impact by registering your actions and inspiring friends, neighbors and coworkers to do the same. Inspire, organize and mobilize! Feel [...]

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