Are you ready to Rise and Shine and Step to the Times?

Happy May Daily Actors,   Yowza! Has spring sprung and sprung or what? If you’re looking for inspired action and education, May is Community Resilience Challenge time and we all know there is a SERIOUS need to further build personal and community resilience. So register today! Looking for a chance to gather with friends, eat [...]

Are you ready to Rise and Shine and Step to the Times?2018-05-03T15:36:44-08:00

Reconnect to the Awe

February greetings Daily Actors, Wow. The first month of this year has flown by. Along with new year's resolutions and goals, we’re barely three months from last October’s wildfires. With much recovery still ahead, it is vital to pause, refresh and re-center. For this we have oodles of inspiring, eco-efficacious programs lined up just for [...]

Reconnect to the Awe2018-02-01T17:47:50-08:00

Bringing Our Community Together

Dear Daily Actor, Over three weeks since the fires, our world is still abuzz with day and night meetings, projects and gatherings. We are heartened and ridiculously proud by how our community is showing up. We are also hearing three strong, consistent messages from you, our community: we need to come together in a way [...]

Bringing Our Community Together2017-11-02T13:32:41-08:00

Together We are a Force of Nature

Happy April Daily Actors! As I walk out the door and bury my face in a fragrant bouquet of jasmine flowers…that has nearly taken over our back steps, I am blown away by the near infinite display of bursting blossoms and shades of spring green. The last two years with the return of regularly quenching [...]

Together We are a Force of Nature2017-04-03T15:02:46-08:00

Shining Your Light in Stormy Times

It’s time to rise and shine Daily Actors! YOWZA. I don’t know that I have words for the last month. New year, new political reality, wide range of emotions and a FLOOD of people rising up to find their voice and power, to organize and take action. You know what hasn’t changed? That change starts [...]

Shining Your Light in Stormy Times2017-02-02T16:37:49-08:00

The immense power of your ripples

Happy Summer daily actors! Amidst a bounty of ripening fruit from water-wise and greywater-fed gardens, we are enjoying both the sweet taste of summer and the incredible success of another Community Resilience Challenge with over 20,000 local, regional and national actions, projects and pledges. In short, you rock and the ripples from our shared actions [...]

The immense power of your ripples2016-12-06T17:48:08-08:00

Homegrown, low-tech and people-powered solutions

Great gads of inspired action! With just four days to go until we wrap up the Community Resilience Challenge for another year, we have over 6,500 actions and projects registered and are less than 500 actions away from hitting our goal, which we KNOW we will do with you registering actions and spreading the word. [...]

Homegrown, low-tech and people-powered solutions2016-12-06T17:48:08-08:00

Love Local Compost? Take Action Today!

Possibly the most important resilience-building action you could take RIGHT NOW is to support keeping our compost local.  Since many sustainability solutions are multi-beneficial, you can register this as one of your actions for the Challenge. Just click “Other” in any of the five action categories, since this supports ALL FIVE aspects of resilience-building. Even [...]

Love Local Compost? Take Action Today!2016-09-02T11:58:33-08:00

A Deluge of Awareness, Concern and Opportunity

Hello Daily Actors! Are you ready to rise to the Challenge or what? This severe drought has brought a deluge of awareness, concern and opportunity. Now we need YOU to take action and amplify your impact by registering your actions and inspiring friends, neighbors and coworkers to do the same. Inspire, organize and mobilize! Feel [...]

A Deluge of Awareness, Concern and Opportunity2016-09-02T11:58:33-08:00
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