Project Description

On Saturday July 8th Daily Acts partnered with medicine maker extraordinaire Amy Charnay, for a delightful afternoon of learning the fundamentals of preserving herbal medicine, the robust medicinal benefits of local plants, and time-honored natural therapies for colds and flus. Gathered in a shaded backyard in Petaluma, attendees learned a plethora of tips and tricks to making natural medicines to keep the body healthy while connecting more to our earth. To keep cool, Amy brought 3 homemade hydrosols, and homeowner Brianna Schaefer had her backyard tub with cooled water and calming herbs. Another wonderful feature of Brianna’s backyard is the garden, where Amy showed everyone a few plants that are great for medicine, how to prune and how to spread the herbs on a drying rack.

During the potluck lunch one participant shared her delicious goat cheese and jelly, a skill that she had just learned from the previous Homegrown Workshop at Redwood Hill, and many brought their own dishes in order to minimize waste. Following lunch was the hands-on portion of the day and participants were able to create elderberry syrup, as well as a yarrow and lemon balm tincture. Many individuals in this workshop came from out of town to explore Daily Acts and the world of medicine making; going forward, if anyone may be interested in hosting one of our workshops in there own home please let us know! We would love to be able to expand our reach and build new relationships, to connect please contact