Project Description

On Saturday, August 5th Daily Acts collaborated with Thais Harris, Nutrition Educator for Ceres Community Project, to host a Preparing Healing Foods Workshop. Held at the Ceres Kitchen in Sebastopol, this workshop began with a presentation that covered whole food nutrition basics, foods to add into your diet and ones to avoid, shopping strategies, and healthy lifestyle choices. After an hour of lively conversation, questions and answers, and a comprehensive power point, it was time to step into the kitchen and begin making lunch!

One table had all of the necessary ingredients and kitchenware for participants to make a quinoa and lentil salad filled with veggies. The second table was set up for folks to make our desert, which would be apple slices topped with nut butter, coconut shavings, walnuts, cranberries and chocolate chips – yum! Once cooking was complete, everyone sat together and shared their appreciation, gratitude and deep breath before indulging in our delicious meal.

Ceres Community Project is a phenomenal organization that works with teen volunteers to prep meals for those who may be suffering from serious illness such as cancer, or are low-income. Today, Ceres Community Project will be partnering with five other organizations in order to help California evaluate the benefits of medically-tailored meals for people with serious illness. For more information about their amazing work please visit