Project Description

On May 20th Daily Acts partnered with Sarah Keiser to host “Bountiful Beauties: Natural Skincare”, a day of self-care and awareness exploring sustainable hedonism and nurturing self. Sarah shared her wisdom from many years of making and teaching the secrets of natural soaps and beauty products. On this day participants got the opportunity to concoct lotion and beeswax lip balm, naturally scented with essential oils, as well soothing olive oil soap and goat milk soap. Incorporated into the program was a potluck lunch, which allowed participants to share interests, make connections and learn about the various work that folks are involved in. Ironically, many of the individuals at this event had connections with different groups that Daily Acts partnered with for this Homegrown Series; for example one woman spoke about the revolutionary and inspirational work that the CERES Community Project is doing to educate folks about healthy eating, while another mentioned her connection with Fibershed and her experience with natural dyes.

As the day came to end the participants were prompted to register their actions for Daily Act’s Community Resilience Challenge. Frequent volunteer, Judy Mazzeo, graciously donated a number of veggie starts that she grew from seed, as a gift for those that register their actions. After reviewing our feedback forms and talking to those were stayed after the event, it was clear that this program was a hit! Sarah’s experience allowed for her to thoroughly answer questions, and the resources that she shared empowered folks to continue making their own skincare products.