Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

At Daily Acts, we know that change starts from within and then ripples out into our families, work, communities, and environments. Transforming the world begins with transforming ourselves – a process of being and becoming that we refer to as personal ecology.

We cultivate our personal ecology when we take time to be present and aware of ourselves, others, and our environments (being) and when we engage in our personal growth and development and prioritize our self care practices (becoming). Through personal ecology, we can maintain better balance, and sustain our energy while being of service and fostering greater resilience.

Being alive in this moment and choosing to stay awake and engaged is no small thing. It’s vital to develop practices and communities of support in our lives, organizations, and movements to truly transform ourselves and our communities. To do this, we take a heart-centered approach to personal and organizational development. We teach and apply a range of evidence-based, transformative practices to increase our awareness, build shared language, and develop healthy personal and organizational habits. This is core to Daily Acts’ purpose, vision, strategy, and culture.

Personal Ecology Practices – from Self to Organization


Like they say on a plane, “put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others.” As individuals and organizations, to sustain in the vital work of transforming to a more just, healthy, and resilient world, we must sustain ourselves by staying attuned to our deeper purpose and practicing self-care.

Personal ecology practices include meditation and mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, presencing, check-ins, self-assessments, tools for managing time and urgency, movement and exercise, journaling, and creative approaches to problem-solving. These practices further develop our emotional intelligence and competence, which is core to personal and organizational development and leadership. They also support effective communication and collaboration within our networks and alliances where we work with a wide range of organizations and community members.

Teaching, modeling, and speaking these values for personal development is the first step. Rooting these practices into organizational strategic priorities, culture, and common activities supports our ability to stay nourished, connected, and inspired regardless of the challenges we face.

Here’s what personal ecology looks like embodied within our Daily Acts’ culture:

  • We begin meetings with meditation and brief check-ins. This helps people get present and recenter, builds empathy and connection, and supports our team to bring their best work.

  • We have reverence for process and make space for both dialogue and deep listening.

  • We provide periodic deeper dives into personal ecology with longer check-ins, education and skills building, and personal reflection. We typically do these seasonally and dedicate several hours for these sessions.

  • We practice developing our emotional intelligence, using time-management and self-assessment tools for personal wellness and managing urgency, and applying creative approaches to problem solving.

Three Daily Acts’ staff completed advanced training in integrating Mind-Body Medicine into personal and professional practice and trauma healing, in partnership with Sonoma Community Resilience Collaborative and the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. All Daily Acts’ staff participated in an 8-week training in Mind-Body Medicine for stress management and resilience in 2019.