Preparing Healing Foods Workshop


On Saturday, August 5th Daily Acts collaborated with Thais Harris, Nutrition Educator for Ceres Community Project, to host a Preparing Healing Foods Workshop. Held at the Ceres Kitchen in Sebastopol, this workshop began with a presentation that covered whole food nutrition basics, foods to add into your diet and ones to avoid, shopping strategies, and [...]

Herbal Remedies – Natural Medicine Making


On Saturday July 8th Daily Acts partnered with medicine maker extraordinaire Amy Charnay, for a delightful afternoon of learning the fundamentals of preserving herbal medicine, the robust medicinal benefits of local plants, and time-honored natural therapies for colds and flus. Gathered in a shaded backyard in Petaluma, attendees learned a plethora of tips and tricks [...]

Artisan Cheese Making


On Saturday June 24th Daily Acts partnered with Redwood Hill Farm to host an interactive workshop all around cheese making and sustainable farming.  To kick off the day artisan cheese maker Jennifer Bice provided an introduction to the fundamentals of preserving milk as participants witnessed cheese making in action! This delightful afternoon also included an [...]

Bountiful Beauties: Natural Skincare


On May 20th Daily Acts partnered with Sarah Keiser to host “Bountiful Beauties: Natural Skincare”, a day of self-care and awareness exploring sustainable hedonism and nurturing self. Sarah shared her wisdom from many years of making and teaching the secrets of natural soaps and beauty products. On this day participants got the opportunity to concoct [...]

Green Your Spring Clean


On Tuesday, April 25th Daily Acts Intern Kelly Grieves, led an incredibly successful and educational workshop on natural cleaning products. The event, “Green Your Spring Clean” began with a brief presentation in order to educate attendees about common chemicals and ingredients that are found in cleaning products. As shocking as some ingredients and labels can [...]