Project Description

In the spring of 2012, Daily Acts partnered with the Petaluma Health Center to sheet mulch 4,000 square feet of lawn and install an edible garden as part of the 350 Home & Garden Challenge.

Since the initial collaboration in 2012, the Petaluma Health Center has conducted numerous inspiring education programs for Center clients, using the garden as both a playground and outdoor classroom. The Center also offers a ‘free box’ for clients who can choose from an array of nourishing food for free; grown from the garden. In 2013, over 60 community volunteers descended on the Center to transform a further 10,000 square feet of lawn along N. McDowell Boulevard.  The City of Petaluma supplied sheet mulching materials (compost, cardboard and mulch) through their Mulch Madness program.

The vision for this site is to eventually transform all of the lawn at the Center, to install rainwater catchment systems, and to increase the square footage of food growing areas.

“Thank you all for helping to organize this amazing community transformation project this Sunday at the Petaluma Health Center and for taking time out of your busy lives to show up this Sunday and make our health center an even healthier place for our staff, patients, and the whole community. I have heard so many compliments this morning on the work we did this weekend, and I really wanted to send you a personal thank you and pass on these compliments. We are so proud to have been a part of the 350 Home and Garden Challenge, and to have this opportunity to participate in a local grassroots initiative to promote sustainability and health in our community. Daily Acts is such an asset to this town, and I am personally honored to have been able to work with you all on this project.” – Vanessa Raditz, Americorps Navigator – May 20th, 2013