When you sponsor Daily Acts, you are investing directly in our community.
You become an important part of a growing movement that’s providing the education and tools we need to conserve resources, promote food security, and build strong, equitable, and resilient communities for generations to come!

Get to Know Our Incredible Sponsors

Guayaki Yerba Mate

Much like Daily Acts, Guayaki shares a vision for regeneration, nourishment and community connection. Since 2016 the company has committed to deepening their roots with Daily Acts through their continued sponsorship and generous donations. Guayaki not only helps to fuel our programs and volunteers, but their mantra COME TO LIFE is embodied with each action that the Daily Acts team takes.

Shelton’s Natural Foods Market

At the core of both Shelton’s Natural Foods Market and Daily Acts is community connection and sharing the love over good food. Since 2014 Shelton’s Natural Food Market has nourished our organization, supported programming, and helped to turnip the beet at our fundraisers!

Left Coast Wholesale

Committed to community, growth and connection, Left Coast and Daily Acts have aligned values that make for an organic and respected partnership. The company was one of our largest donors for our Be the Change Garden Kit Distribution.

Mercy Wellness

With kindness, love, and compassion Mercy Wellness and Daily Acts both work to deepen relationships with our communities through engagement, education, and by listening to the needs of the people. Mercy Wellness is highly aware of the impacts of climate change and has made a commitment to minimize environmental impact whenever possible.

Recology Sonoma-Marin

As a leader in waste reduction and education, Recology makes talking trash fun for any age and individual! The more we know, the more we grow and this partnership supports the adaptive education that is needed in our ever evolving world.