Project Description

Daily Acts partnered with the Town of Windsor, BlueBarrels Rainwater Catchment Systems, and the Windsor Garden Club to host a successful public workshop on rainwater harvesting at the Windsor Community Garden. Kellen Watson of Daily Acts shared a short presentation, which provided an overview of reasons to collect rainwater, stormwater solutions, and catchment system options. Jesse Savou, owner of BlueBarrel Systems, led a hands-on installation of eight rain barrels, allowing participant to learn design considerations and tips for their own installation.

Workshop participants were broken up into teams and led by Jesse Savou through the installation of eight rain barrels at the Windsor Community Garden. The barrels, which are capturing water off a 120 square foot garden shed, will fill with every six inches of rain. At 55 gallons each, plus the piping underneath, the barrels will hold 450 gallons, which will be used for seed starting and watering pots and other plants that are not on the existing drip system. However, if our weather patterns deliver a dry spell sandwiched between rain events, the rain barrels can be emptied and filled again, increasing their annual storage capacity.