Possibly the most important resilience-building action you could take RIGHT NOW is to support keeping our compost local.  Since many sustainability solutions are multi-beneficial, you can register this as one of your actions for the Challenge. Just click “Other” in any of the five action categories, since this supports ALL FIVE aspects of resilience-building. Even better, if you register now you can get a FREE YARD of compost until May 16th! (while supplies last)

Why is this action so important? Local compost supports local farmers, gardeners and landscapers to grow food, retain and save water and sequester carbon. If Sonoma Compost has to close, the outhaul of this green waste would increase the cost and green house gas emissions and result in the loss of vital local biomass. Additionally, Sonoma Compost is an award-winning green business that provides critical support to many schools, churches and organizations, which safeguard the health and sustainability of our communities.

Personally, I can say without doubt that Sonoma Compost has been one of the most significant influencers on the success of the Community Resilience Challenge the last six years, inspiring tens of thousands of actions and collaborative projects.Sonoma Compost has supported the Challenge by giving a free yard of organic compost to anyone who signs up– donating over 1,000 yards of compost to participants. Additionally, Sonoma Compost donates 90 yards every year (or 540 yards over 6 years) to our community and school gardens through the Challenge’s compost awards. This is a drop in the bucket when considering their year-round program to donate compost to any school garden in need and the countless free workshops, talks, and presentations they offer on soil health. Sonoma Compost gives so much to our community – let’s show our support of them now when it matters most!

The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.
-Franklin D. Roosevelt