Happy Spring Daily Actors,

The Community Resilience Challenge is back for its 9th year – and more inspired, powerful and important than ever! With increasingly erratic weather and more communities like us recovering from devastation, it is critical that we come together to take action and build resilience. New to The Challenge? Awesome – you’re going to love it! Participated in The Challenge before? Great – you’re an expert! Recommit to take action – there is always more to do and more people to engage. Your actions and our collective daily actions matter immensely.

So get ready to register your inspired actions, share your story, and then celebrate with us in June!

This April and May, The Community Resilience Challenge invites YOU to join your community to Grow Food, Save Water, Reduce Waste, Conserve Energy, and Build Community. And have fun doing it! The Challenge helps inspire, support, and tell the story of our united power to make a difference. It’s a chance to show the world that our daily actions matter and that WE are part of the solution. By taking actions both large and small, our community comes together to accomplish awe-inspiring feats of sustainability. Each of these endeavors add up to make a HUGE impact on our community and the environment.

We want YOU to take the pledge and share your story.

  1. Signing up is easy…just visit our website and choose from our list of suggested actions, or you can create your own.
  2. Then, post a photo of your action on social media with the hashtag #BERESILIENT – you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a prize just for sharing your inspiration!
  3. On June 8th, all participants are invited to a festive celebration party with live music and a raffle that will include big prizes such as a bike blender, rain barrels, a worm compost bin, and more!

Not sure what to register? On our Challenge webpage you will find listed delightful community volunteer opportunities that need your support. If you have a community project that could use some support, email us and we will get your project listed.

For more information, visit our Community Resilience Challenge webpage or email thechallenge@dailyacts.org.

Register Today! Grow the movement! Stand up and Be Counted!