Project Description

Daily Acts partnered with Fire Station #2 and the City of Petaluma, on March 16th 2019 for a community workday to weed, plant and install drip irrigation in this new pollinator friendly landscape. Daily Acts staff worked with a group of 30+ volunteers of all ages to weed existing raised beds, plant 101 plants and lay 400’ of in-line drip irrigation tubing. To increase opportunities for learning, Daily Acts staff gave an overview of the project including design parameters, plant selection and irrigation system options. In small groups, team leads facilitated a group stretch and get-to-know-you activity before demonstrating planting.

Plants that were incorporated into the site were chosen intentionally for their low water-use needs, beauty, and habitat providing attributes. Participants had the opportunity to learn about specific plant needs, irrigation installation, and how to properly plant. Between planting and installing irrigation, participants were nourished by a communal potluck lunch.