Dear Daily Actor,

In this big post-election moment, so full of shock, grief, and fear, it’s important to first take a breath and to take heart. Since the election lots of daily actors have been in our office volunteering, like many of us, needing to connect and do good, craving the sense of sanctuary this provides.

Where is your sanctuary? Your place to rest, connect, and center. As they say before take-off on a flight, “Put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others”. Once we’re safe, we can then take clear, grounded, and wise action to care for family, friends, community, and the wider world.

Over the last week, I’ve shed the most tears hearing of young Latino and Muslim kids living in fear of their families being ripped apart, of reports of more overt racist, sexist and discriminatory behaviors in schools and communities. I’ve felt deepened concern for our collective future because the climate clock won’t wait another four years. I’ve also tried to empathize with the hurt of those who may have overrode their own values to vote against business and politics as usual that have taken their jobs and devastated their communities.

It’s ironic that extreme weather and loss of life has become the norm, but such unexpected political extremes too are part of the tumultuous change afoot. And while there is a wide array of concerns about our president-elect, this moment will ultimately galvanize and unite our movements. The time when anyone can sit on the sidelines is past.

In such confusing and frustrating times, it’s important to remember to have a wide circle of concern, but to spend our time in our circle of influence. Our influence and impact grows as we do this. This is why the core of our work is in supporting people to reclaim the power of their daily actions through practical action that conserves resources while growing healthy food and building community. This education and empowerment is the base of our work. From here we foster coalitions and networks; mobilize shared action and support others to do the same, to strengthen and grow our movements for healthy, just, and resilient communities.

By the time you read this, we will have spent the past 10 days speaking at events, hosting workshops, and facilitating our Permaculture Design Course. We’ve also been in meetings and strategy sessions with local, regional, state, and national partner organizations and networks. While local action has become more important than ever, we also need to support the bigger movements afoot, to stand up for our most vulnerable populations and a climate-stable future.

But first, find refuge in whatever way is true to you. Take time to rest, connect, and give thanks. Then get ready to step up, because the times are calling us all to live and give our best. The importance and the foundation of our work and how we live it only grows by leaps and bounds as things get more difficult.

Daily Acts and so many other community-based organizations are poised to step up and lead in bigger, bolder ways and we need YOU to do so. We need you taking heart, taking part, and taking action; engaging family and friends, volunteering, and donating your precious resources. One way you could do all of this is by joining us on December 1st at the Daily Acts office (245 Kentucky Street, Petaluma) starting at 5:30pm for a letter writing fiesta, where we will share food with friends and send letters filled with art and inspriation to encourage our family and friends to get engaged and support this vital work with their heartfelt action and resources.

Lastly, I just want to say that I feel shockingly blessed and grateful to be in cahoots with you all and our community of daily actors, as well as this larger movement of allies shining a bright light in challenging times. Thank you for all that you give to the healthy, just, and sustainable world being born each day through each of our actions.