Project Description

On Saturday, February 25th, Daily Acts partnered with McNear Elementary School and the Cityof Petaluma to create a native pollinator habitat garden. There were two main activities slated for this workday: 1) to install a native grassland at the entrance to the school and 2) sheet mulch an additional 4,000 sq ft of lawn to continue the native plant corridor through the campus. An immense amount of prep work was ne eded in order to get the site ready for sheet mulching and we were grateful for the support of Cagwin & Dorward, a local landscape contractor, who helped to edge the perimeter beforehand. The afternoon of edging allowed for quite a bit of positive interaction with students who were curious about the project and excited to see the new garden on Monday when they returned to school. The large amount of foot traffic in front of McNear Elementary along with the large amount of volunteers, generated a great deal of interest from neighbors passing by who asked questions about the process and plants. Overall, the large volunteer group allowed us to successfully sheet mulch 4,000 square feet of lawn and install 74 plants in the front garden in three hours time.