Resilient Homes Harvest Party


On September 22nd 2019, Daily Acts partnered with the City of Petaluma to host a seasonal Harvest Party. Located at a beautiful Petaluma residence, about 25 people gathered to celebrate the shifting of the seasons with a delicious regeneratively raised and locally sourced meal. Participants learned about how to build ecological and community resilience [...]

Charles Street Village


On Earth Day, April 22nd, Daily Acts partnered with Charles Street Village, a Burbank Housing affordable housing senior residency, to support their efforts to grow food on site by converting a 650 square foot lawn into a water-wise edible habitat garden. Promoted as a Community Resilience Challenge event, it also embodied the intended spirit [...]

Nancy and Jim Hage


In 2014, Jim and Nancy Hage attended their first Ripple The World breakfast (Daily Acts' annual fundraising extravaganza). They were inspired by fellow Daily Actor Judy Mazzeo and her story of how the simple act of transforming a front yard could have profound impacts both at the personal and neighborhood level. Nancy committed there and [...]

Murray and Lori Rockowitz


Murray and Lori Rockowitz are neighbors of the Heckmans. From across the street, they saw the transformation of Trathen’s yard into the bio-diverse, food-producing oasis that it is today.The experience was contagious.  For a decade, the Rockowitz front yard was an ivy patch centered by an old apple tree. Murray collected cardboard, had compost delivered [...]

Trathen and Mary Heckman


Trathen Heckman’s permaculture garden is an exercise in resilience and stacking functions. The site is simultaneously providing food security, medicine, beauty, storm water management, habitat, watershed restoration, and inspiration for neighbors and friends. Stories of Sustenance Since our goal from the beginning was to make this place a model and engage our community to learn [...]