September 2016

Got Resilience? Get Some Here!

Happy Fall Daily Actors, Yes, it’s true – the abundance of fall is upon us. As is the fourth installment of our series on Reverence, Ripples, Relationships and Resilience. So what’s up with all this talk of resilience? In the words of Davis Orr, “Sustainability, in short, must be the domestic and strategic imperative for [...]

Edible Ecosystem – Made Local Magazine

Public food forests build community, improve food security, and increase access to healthy foods. It’s mid-July and, despite months without rain, the berries, herbs, flowers, and fruit trees at the public food forest surrounding the Cavanagh Recreation Center in downtown Petaluma are flourishing. As we brush past pomegranate and fig trees, Trathen Heckman, executive [...]

August 2016

Deepen Relationships with Ripples of Reverance

Happy September Daily Actors! The abundance of fall is nearly upon us, and as we continue our four-part series from Reverence to Ripples, to the word for this month is REALationships. Relations are the stuff that makes life go round. Lucky for you, starting tonight, we have great gads of ways to enrich and transform [...]

Daily Acts is coming to Rohnert Park!

Did you know that the number one pollutant of our waterways is trash? Want to help do something about it? Join us on Saturday, September 17th for Part 1 of the "Copeland Creek Revival," and be a part of the community effort to reduce pollution, while beautifying a portion of this neighborhood creek. Daily [...]

Reclaiming the Power of your Ripples

Happy August Daily Actors! In July we kicked off our four-part, four-month theme by Rekindling Our Sense of Reverence. This month, it’s all about reclaiming the power of our ripples, or the effect that our actions and attitudes have on our communities, our world and us. And who couldn’t use a bit more inspiration, empowerment [...]

July 2016

Rekindling Our Sense of Reverence

Happy July Daily Actors! Are you feeling the summertime vibes or what? Halfway through the year, now is a perfect time to pause, soak in life and reflect. To provide some fodder for your reflections, we’re kicking off a four-part theme for the next four months leading into Ripple the World on Oct 27th – [...]

June 2016

Laundry to Landscape – A How To

Check out the article featuring Daily Acts in Permaculture North America's first issue. Read Now. Consider subscribing to this awesome publication!

When Gardens, Lives and Movements Go Pop

Check out the article featuring Daily Acts in Permaculture North America's first issue. Read Now. Consider subscribing to this awesome publication!

May 2016

Ashevillage’s Community Resilience Challenge tests residents’ skills, resources

Posted on May 13, 2016 by Able Allen at Mountain Xpress “Be prepared” goes the Scouting movement’s mantra. And being able to face any challenge is often a goal of institutions. But the question is always: How? How can we be best prepared for whatever may come? The Boy Scout carries his pocketknife. Emergency services [...]

May is Community Resilience Challenge month!

If you haven’t signed up yet… what are you waiting for!?! Consider this your engraved invitation, dear daily actor! The Challenge is your chance to tell others about your impact, “challenge” yourself to commit to doing something you’re not already doing, and join hundreds of others in our community making the commitment to “be the [...]

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